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Hip Hop/R&B/Pop

St Paul, Minnesota

Originating from Bear, Delaware but planting seed in St. Paul, Minnesota, CJ Pitts has made his mark on the twin cities music scene.  Finding his passion in 2010, CJ Pitts has engulfed himself into the roots of music and his inspirational pool is very wide.  The young singer has a knack for not just singing but songwriting and minor production as well.  With his latest EP “Lost Identity” released in March of 2016, CJ has been preparing himself to climb the ladder of the music industry. The young artist has played all over the Twin Cities from First Avenue, Bunkers, Amsterdam Bar & Hall, Honey Bar, and many more. Being surrounded by a variety of music and musicians, CJ is constantly growing and expanding his sound and lyrical content.  Constant growth is what he strives for and is determined to be the best musician he can be. “God gave me a gift, its up to me to put it to use.” Now after completing his very first EP, Pitts has begun creating the vision for his first full album. He believes that 2018 is the “take off” year with tons of new music and opportunity on the way.


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