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Inf Grizzy

Hip Hop/R&B

Jehmar Barrett aka “Inf Grizzy” Hereby referred to as or "Inf" or " Grizzy" was born in Lakewood, NJ, and was raised in the south New Jersey shore area. Aka the "Jersey Shore". “Inf Grizzy” has a unique style of rapping unlike many other artist(s) heard. Even though he may have looked up to legendary recording "Stars" such as Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Fabolous, DMX and other popular artists of the 90's."Grizzy’s" voice does not sound like any other recording artist in the music entertainment industry. "Inf" started rapping at the age of 16 while attending Toms River high school south. Early on in his career he practiced freestyle hip-hop on a daily basis until he developed his art craft to a perfectous form.


“Inf Grizzy” released his first independent song online “Put It On Me” in 2006 on Since then “Grizzy” has released 3 consecutive singles, and 4 alias mix tapes. This does not include features and voice overs appearances on various different projects and albums “Shots Fired (2007) “Wet Wipes” (2008) See Me Bright (2009)“ mixtapes include his own personal, debut mixtape "The Come Up" (2010), DJ Mike's Jersey Shore V.2 mixtape in (2011), Grade A Black's "After Party Mixtape" (2012), Totem Records' "Suit and Tie" and "The Blood Diamond" (both released in 2014), and Ill Will's entertainment's "We So Hip Hop Tuesdays" Vol 1 (2015). Watch Your Back Part 1 (2018) Hosted by DJ OP.


"Inf Grizzy" has developed a fan base in the south New Jersey shore music scene. "Inf" intends to expand his occult following further by capitalizing on a P&D deal in the music entertainment business. He has been endorsed by valued innovative trending products like Wu-Tang rolling papers,and Swagger Energy drink. "Grizzy" has recorded music in project studios such as, skylab studios, space bar recordings, and IHP productions. "Grizzy" has also recorded music in several other smaller scale home recording studios.


"Inf" has worked with many artist and producers on several projects and songs including B-Life (Space Bar Recordings), Billy Da Kid (Regulator Records), Snake II’z (First Family M.O.P) Ikkabod Krane (Gator Brown Music), Big O ("HMG" Hardcore Music Group), Big Shot, DJ Lax, Dan Skye, Oxx, New Breed, Dolo, Cody, Young Tizzle and many more.


“Grizzy” was contracted by indie label Multi-millionaire Ent. out of Atlanta Georgia. He has performed at the Project X Party in Toms River NJ, Mansion nightclub in Brick, NJ, Azure Lounge, in Philadelphia, Le Grand Fromage, in Atlantic City, NJ, and many other various concert performances. Inf-Grizzy gets $250 to do walk through @ a private celebrity party. He also receives $500 a performance and or vocal feature, and has created a small demand for his well-coordinated shows, and music voice features.


"Inf Grizzy" has been featured on Sway 45, 1888 in Bronx, N.Y. Ill Will Entertainment Radio, Brookdale College radio, Ocean County College radio, and many more internet and satellite radio stations. He is working on his new single "Blah Blah Blah" & "All These Girls". His debut album single has business plans to release the "Upcoming" projects between 2018 and 2019

South Toms River, New Jersey

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