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Dohlo Blunt

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Q: Are you making music for the money and fame or love and passion?

A: Honestly, No not for the money but yeah eventually being booked and requested in different places that'll actually pay me for my energy and time so yeah. But mainly, music is done from the soul for me. I haven't really tapped into the whole clout wave thing and I care little for it. Aint my style, I keep it organic and authentic to the core.

Q: When did you start making music?

A: I started making music when I was 7 years old. My mother used to be in the industry with a old record label called AJ Records in Miami and she was extremely talented for her time. After all things didn't go that well for her after getting screwed out of a $100,000 she backed out. Growing up she always had me singing and going to church and it was around that time that I first produced my first track on my keyboard I got blessed and I simply ran it as a loop while my mom recorded her free styled lyrics on her karaoke and it basically kicked off from there, my love for creating music and seeing what it can do to you just off the slightest vibe.

Q: Why did you start making music?

A: Simply to inspire and motivated the lost and weary. I don't know I have this thing where if I motivate someone to continue to get better and do what they love... They'll end up succeeding in it and being extremely grateful for the inspiration to even attack their obstacle or circumstance. I just think that all walks of life can be the best they can be despite any hardship. In these times I'm speaking to my generation the 90s generation and hoping that one day they can come off that high horse of energy bad energy and just simply learn to accept all things that have life and influence others to be happy in themselves and literally save the kids of the future by talking that good talk with them instead of leading them astray. I'm against that so I do this for them.

Q: Who's your influences?

A: My influences are very slim I won't even lie but if you want my honest truth I'll give it to you. I am a big fan or more a new fan of classical music since it's so relaxing and doesn't present such tainted content and ignorant stuff, I really like classical music. My next big influence has to be Deniro Farrar from North Carolina. The man is liberated as hell and he a beast with it. I admire how he can't be touched because he truly know who he is in the Universe, I really admire that to the fullest. Of course you have 2Pac, Outkast (Andre 3000 Preferably) , Biggie, Lil Wayne, Old 1017 Gucci, a little bit of Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Arab Lincoln & Jake Da Snake. All of those artist have crazy story telling and energy driven music which makes listening to them a energy you can't resist if you tried. It's to official and honest to how they feel as men and maintaining there integrity to how they feel in everyday life.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: My struggle, just like that.

Q: What type of music do you like?

A: Music that inspire a will to conquer and be the greatest you you can possibly be.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is just starting out making music?

A: Don't worry bout new friends, do good with your people even if it means leaving your old friends behind for their own good. If they down for you they gone ride. Do not prolong fake love around yourself. Get to your bag and stay out the way.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: I can't call it, Lord willing alive and well. Using my streams and success to motivate kids in the states and possibly in other countries.



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