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Tae Swavy

Hip Hop/R&B

Cinncinatti, Ohio

My name is Keonte Lonnie Gannaway-Pitts artist known as Tae Swavy. I was born in Dayton, Ohio on November 5th, 1997. My mothers name is Ta Gannaway and my father Lonnie Pitts. Music has always been the most important and consistent piece in my life even at my lowest points. Coming from a family of musicians being my mother came up singing in church choir and solo acts while my father had a brief and tenuous career in the music industry, he started off in a group with his twin brother by the name of Double Up then later branched off to local rap group Korruption. I feel like music has and always will run in my family but I also firmly believe that I'm one of the only ones in my family that has the drive and determination and is willing to take the risk it takes to build a successful career in the music industry. I started out in choir as well branching out into theatre shows with CBTC (Cincinnati black theatre company) now pursuing the best out of my abilities to be a top notch singer rapper and most importantly entertainer. My all time favorite artist is Micheal Jackson his music, stage presence and voice is incomparable to anyone I've studied him for hours and hope to be half the performer he was. I'm hoping to find guidance and tutelage by someone who's seen the ups and downs of the business and will teach me the ropes because I truly believe I have the abilities to become one of the greats and I'm ready and willing to start working towards that.


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